Two weeks ago we held the second (and final) part of the drone-building workshop! The goal was to build a high-quality drone that can fly in two sessions and within about 8 hours. The teacher, Abdalla, says that this is not an easy task.

The group was composed of fifteen teens in the tenth grade – the majority were girls.

How did they build the drone? Basically, Abdalla gave them an instruction manual and they successfully built it alone – without help!

Abdallah studies engineering and believes that building a drone is a good way to learn science. He explained that “Drones work with a component called Auto Pilot which is an open platform allowing a range of programming possibilities. We teach students how to deal with this component and how to program it.”

First the students assembled the body of the drone and then began to assemble the electronic parts that act as a GPS- this allows the user to know where the drone is located in real-time. After composing the electronic parts, all kinds of calibrations are made enabling the drone to fly successfully!

This workshop was held in cooperation with the organization Moona – A Space for Change. At the end of each program, participants can choose to participate in a nationwide competition. The next competition will take place in two months and groups from Israels’ south will participate.

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