Intercultural Employability Seminar

Tech2Peace is a peacebuilding and employability seminar focused on creating a lasting positive relationship between Arab and Jewish. It is a result of a collaboration between Yad Beyad and A New Dawn in the Negev, with BIG IDEA as the training service provider.

The Tech2Peace seminar aims to serve as the foundation of a cooperative network of successfully employed alumni, from all parts of Israel and Palestine, who believe in achieve lasting peace. Our goal is to create a space where participants create positive and lasting relationships with one another, while taking their first step towards a lucrative career in IT. We aim to empower our youth to make change in their society and together create a peaceful future.

Our Partners

Yad Beyad is a joint Palestinian-Israeli group who for the past 10 years, has worked to encourage Israelis and Palestinians to meet one other face to face and participate in constructive dialogue. They aim to create, from the bottom-up, a culture of peace and tolerance, even during times of war. Yad Beyad’s trained staff have facilitated dozens of international seminars, always with the focus of promoting dialogue among young people from conflict zones. For their members’ safety Yad Beyad remains a low profile organization with a purposely low online footprint. Some more information can be found here

‘BIG IDEA’ is an accomplished company experienced with teaching technology to youth. The seminar’s IT curriculum will be based on their ‘Gap Year’ program and international summer camp. BIG IDEA will provide continued follow up support and educational material for T2P alumni. For more information visit

The Founding Team

Uri Rosenberg, Project Manager and Workshop Facilitator, is the cofounder and Israeli Director of Yad Beyad. Uri is closely involved with all preparatory and follow up work surrounding the seminar and will work as a facilitator for the peacebuilding workshops throughout the seminar. Uri has 5 years of experience in IT project management, 5 years of managing IT training camps for teenagers, 10 years of experience in managing Yad Beyad and leading workshops between young people from conflict regions (Israel-Palestine, the Balkans, Turks-Kurds, the Caucasus). He is currently a PhD. student in Middle East studies at Tel Aviv University researching the ideology of the Islamist party in Turkey between 1970-1996.

Tomer Cohen, Israeli Coordinator and Logistics Administrator, is closely involved with the creation of the seminar and all preparatory and follow up work surrounding the seminar. Tomer has experience with management, education, and fundraising for a variety of NGOs. He founded and led the first ‘Be Free Israel’ youth team and served as Director of Fundraising for ‘The Green Movement’, Israel’s main social environmental party. He has spent the last 7 years working closely with various peacebuilding seminars.

Abeer, Palestinian Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator, is the cofounder and Palestinian Director of Yad Beyad. She began her work in cultural education, youth work, and peace education in 2006 and has facilitated workshops for a variety of youth exchanges, projects, and programs in the past 10 years. Abeer is experienced with conflict resolution and the Middle East dilemma, and has a master’s degree in Israeli Studies. She provides experience with leadership, gender issues, women’s rights, and as a project and events manager.

Jamal Alkirnawi, Founder and CEO of A New Dawn in the Negev, a social activist since youth and for the past 15 years, has been deeply involved in the field of youth work and conflict resolution. He studied and has degrees in public health administration and social work; with a specialization in peacebuilding and civil society. He will share his experiences with peacework and social leadership via group workshop.

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