Self-Perception and Perception of Others - 2015

A Short Film Of The Program

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As a joined collaboration of European For Peace, EVZ, House Of Wannsee Conference and The New Dawn In The Negev, two groups, 12 students each from diffrent places and cultures, come together for two special encounters that took place at Rahat and Berlin.

The project was based around understanding discrimination in the context of the past and the present and create students advocates against it. The students lived together, traveled together and got to know one another on a deeper level while exploring the other’s culture and historical context.

The main goal of the project was to bring Bedouin Youth from the Negev of Israel, one of the most discrimniated against groups in Israeli society, together with young Germans to explore the mechanisms of stereotypes towards minorities in the past and present. In order to have a dual sided perspective on the question of discrimination, one group belongs to the discriminated minority while the other group belongs to the major society. The project was dealling with questions of discrimination of different groups, with an emphasis on the Sintis and Bedouins, and the complexities and similiarities that exist in both Israel and Germany. 

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