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We offer a variety of tours in Rahat and the surrounding areas and can accommodate groups of all sizes. We work to connect visitors with local businesses for a truly unique and special experience. Contact us or visit the shop to arrange your personalized tour today!

Visit us: 21st Century Bedouins

Come learn about the Bedouin communities of the Negev, the culture, the unrecognized villages and more about our NGO.

Contact us to set up a visit and to find a translator or a guide.

The Arab Bedouin community of Israel’s Negev region faces significant challenges in their tradition from a semi-nomadic to modern lifestyle. A history of discrimination and marginalization has left deep wounds and the struggle for dignity and equality continues to this day.

While striving for social and political justice, the Bedouin community strives to maintain their traditional culture. Understanding the realities of families living in the unrecognized villages, speakign with students and educators about barriers to education, and listening to stories of people fighting for justice bring the challenges of the Bedouin community into sharp focus.

Meet the People

The rich tradition of Negev Bedouins trace back countless generations to the Arab herdsmen, traders, and agriculturalists whose nomadic journeys criss-crossed the Middle East and North Africa amid the rise and fall of empires across time.

Take a day to walk in these ancient footsteps, experience the sights, smells, and taste of the modern Bedouin people, and hear stories that bring hope for a better tomorrow. Meet a people who lived for centuries in harmoney with nature in one of the least forgiving environments on earth and whose deep and abiding love for the land is reflected in their music, traditions, and stories.

Make a Difference

At a New Dawn in the Negev, one of our overarching goals is to provide Bedouin youth with a broader perspective of the world, building relationships with peoples from other cultures and backgrounds. Coming from a relatively isolated society, we help youth transcend the complex power dynamics of class, ethnicity, and religion in Israel to develop personal and professional relationships that are based on openness and mutual respect. Building briges across cultures and geographies makes a tremendous difference in perspective. A simple conversation can open up a whole new world of possibilities for a young person, bringing them new horizons for the future and helping better navigate the rocky pathy between tradition and modernity.