Facing and Fighting Discrimination in our society:
Identifying discrimination in our own backyards and fighting back through dialogue! 2016-2017

Check out our video of our Arab-Jewish-German Youth exchange in Rahat!

The concept of the project is a youth exchange involving youth from Israel and Germany. Israeli Bedouin, Jewish Israeli, and German youth participate in dialogue, group exercises, and field trips to historical sites (including Holocaust memorials) in Germany. The German youth also visit Israel to explore questions and arising problems of racism and discrimination in Israel today. Through communication and bonding, we strive to bring awareness to daily racism and develop ideas and strategies to fight against it. It is our goal to provide these youth with a practical framework and a creative outlet through which to understand the complixeties of identity and become active participants in the global conversation of fighting discrimination and racism today. We would like to thank our sponsors EVZ – (Europeans for Peace) and FAB – (Friends Without Borders).