A New Dawn
Responding to COVID-19

The Corona crisis and the need to define new solutions quite suddenly have had a very burdensome effect on the functioning of the organization. 

Response to the Pandemic

Virtual Community Action

Relationship Management

What We are Doing
in Response to the Pandemic

We have had to freeze all the ongoing activities. However, instead of shutting down, we decided to get involved in alleviating distress, A New Dawn in the Negev (NDN) has lifted the glove and initiated a series of steps aimed at supporting the Bedouin society. There is a real lack of informational materials, especially in Arabic. A New Dawn engages with other organizations to get the information needed to inform our constituents here in the Negev.

From Emergency Hotlines to Virtual Community Action



The NDN has initiated a variety of measures to support and strengthen the social
resilience of the entire Bedouin community in the Negev. These measures
include a hotline for at-risk youth; an array of proactive conversations for
keeping in touch, providing an attentive ear, dealing with fears and distresses. Also, we are currently in the process of establishing a web platform to strengthen
community connections, encourage conversation and volunteer work. We have
also developed a special questionnaire, to identify needs, that is being distributed
via all social networks to reach a maximum number of people.

Please fill out this questionnaire. You may be eligible for COVID-19 relief from NDN

Customer Relationship Management

One of the steps that will be taken to deal with the Corona crisis is strengthening social resilience in the Bedouin community. In the Negev, there is a network of activists and volunteers who initiate conversations for the younger generations.

The communication is centred around enquiries of well-being, verifying specific needs required during this unique period and to try and connect the families with the various factors that can help meet these needs. These talks are intended to express solidarity in the difficult times, and to support the otherwise vulnerable sector of the community.

Also, as part of this call operation, we will invite call recipients to join the move and become supporters and not only be supported. Development of the electronic dimension of our work is vital not only throughout the crisis but also for the future.

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