Did you know that until 2015 there were no music programs in Rahat Schools?
A New Dawn in the Negev changed that!

We are extremely grateful to the Tzadik foundation for their generous support of this project which has helped us make this possible!

Our program Sarab “strings of change”, Sarab means Oasisin Arabic, strives to change the social reality of the Bedouins of the Negev by providing quality music education, starting with children in two elementary schools in Rahat. The Sarab vision is to expose students to music and culture to give them a source of inspiration, knowledge and enjoyment from classical music. The project uses music education as a tool to encourage creative expression, and to strengthen the ability to persevere, self-discipline, improve the children’s concentration skills and, ultimately, to improve students’ academic achievements.

Sarab started in one school, Al Salaam, and recently expanded to Abu Ubayda. Today approximately 200  3rd and 4th graders at these two elementary schools in Rahat learn to play the violin during the school day. Those who wish to continue can do so at the Be’er Sheva Conservatorium.  We hope that with additional support we can expand this amazing opportunity to all the kids in Rahat.

On May 14th, an amazing concert was held at the Rahat community center the students performed. Music can be the start of a different, better life for the Bedouin community, and a new basis for establishing fruitful cooperation and communication between the Bedouin and the Jewish communities.

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