Standardization in the education system in the Bedouin population is not a luxury, and the preference of the Bedouin education promotion is essential in a society that has moved from a nomad lifestyle to permanent settlements within a very short period of time. There is great difficulty in adapting elderly and young people to a new way of life and the adaption of the new Western standards of education is not easy. About ten years ago, the “New Dawn in the Negev” association launched an initiative in collaboration with students from Germany and the USA who came to the Bedouin classrooms to bridge the difficulties encountered by young students in school.

Even nowadays, we continue with all our strength in the formal and informal education fields, and in public activity in order to raise awareness of the promotion of Bedouin education, and the standardization with the governmental education. Are you interested in our activities? Let’s stay in touch! All the latest updates and activities of the association mentioned in our Facebook page 24\7, come to visit us! a warm Bedouin hospitality is guaranteed 🙂