Child Safeguarding

At A New Dawn in the Negev we take the safety of children and young people very seriously. They are our future and the focus of our organization. We have a duty to care for and safeguard their welfare, both mental and physical. We are committed to providing an environment for all children to be safe and protected from harm.

All children and young adults who come into contact with A New Dawn in the Negev will:

  • Be treated with respect and afforded full civil and legal rights.
  • Be listened to, taken seriously and provided help with communication when needed.
  • Have their privacy respected at all times and in all places.
  • Have a right to confidentiality – all information about them will be treated carefully, be kept safe and only shared with those people who need to know.

The well-being of a child is of the utmost importance in any circumstance.

If you have any information or worries about a child or young person being taken advantage of, please contact our Safeguarding Officer Islam Alkirnawi immediately:

You can download our actual Child Safeguarding policy and procedures as PDF by clicking on the PDF image.