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Standardization of the Bedouin education system

Standardization in the education system in the Bedouin population is not a luxury, and the preference of the Bedouin education promotion is essential in a society that has moved from a nomad lifestyle to permanent settlements within a very short period of time. There is great difficulty in adapting elderly and young people to a […]

Drone-making Workshop!!

Two weeks ago we held the second (and final) part of the drone-building workshop! The goal was to build a high-quality drone that can fly in two sessions and within about 8 hours. The teacher, Abdalla, says that this is not an easy task. The group was composed of fifteen teens in the tenth grade – […]

Sarab Concert!!

Did you know that until 2015 there were no music programs in Rahat Schools? A New Dawn in the Negev changed that! We are extremely grateful to the Tzadik foundation for their generous support of this project which has helped us make this possible! Our program Sarab “strings of change”, Sarab means Oasisin Arabic, strives to change the social […]

A New Dawn; A New Understanding

Enhance, Elevate and Enjoy your tourist experience in the Negev by exploring the hidden and truthful narratives of the forgotten Bedouin. The untold stories of the tribe are illustrated in my upcoming short documentary ‘Voiceless in the desert’, as I attempt to capture an intriguing yet underrepresented reality within Israeli society.                                       Who are the […]

A Trip of Exploration to the Bedouin Society

​​SMLXL   From a meeting with a Bedouin family My first interaction with the Bedouins took place in a hike with my friends in Ein Ekev, Southern Israel. Exausted from a whole day’s tramping over hill and dale, we sat down with a Bedouin family that lived in tents and were treated with snacks and hot tea. During the visit, […]

Welcome Israel Teaching Fellows to Rahat!

​​SMXLL בשעה טובה ומוצלחת השקנו היום את פרוייקט עמיתי הוראה ללימודי אנגלית ברהט, זהו פרוייקט חלוצי בנגב, בחברה הערבית בנגב. היה לנו הכבוד להתקבל אצל ראש עירית רהט מר טאלל אלקרנאווי ולקבל את ברכתו לשנת הלימודים החדשה. עמותת השחר החדש, זו השניה השניה ברציפות מצליחה לגייס מתנדבים מצפון אמריקה ומאירופ  ביחד עם שותפינו מסע, ארגון […]

Experience of a Lifetime in Rahat

The journey of Antoine, Emilie, Justine and Victor in Rahat written and photographed by Antoine, Emilie, Justine and Victor ​​SMLXL During the last four weeks we have experienced a completely different way of life from what we have been used to: the Bedouin way of life. We were living in Rahat and working at “A New […]

Thank you Masa Fellows

​​SMLXL What a wonderful year it has been with our Masa Israel Teaching Fellows With Israel Experience! Last week we said goodbye, it was a very special event. We wish you success as you go on your way. We want to thank Shaina, Sarah Denny, and Rachelle Anne, our partners BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change, the Ministry of […]

Music classes with friends from New Jersey

Thank you to our friends from Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ ​​SMLXL who came to visit, see our activities up close and enjoy a music lesson with the children of our project Sarab “strings of change” Amir ShachamNoga Maliniak Shaina Lidd Masa Israel Teaching Fellows With Israel Experience


Children have a lot of questions.  It is in their nature to be curious—and for good reason.  Children do not know much about this world we live in, and thus are often sheltered from the brunt of the reality.  The Bedouin children I teach in a Rahat elementary school are no different.  They are energetic […]